How to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes Sustainable and Enjoyable

We all know how to live a healthy lifestyle. Eating nutrient-dense foods, sleeping adequately, removing stressors and exercising regularly—these are all lifestyle factors we know we should prioritize, but this is often easier said than done. Perhaps your schedule does not allow for daily gym time, or your palate prefers fast food over fruits and vegetables. Maybe your sleep quality suffers due to environmental factors, or you are unsure how to lower your stress levels. At RevitaLife Health and Wellness, we aid our patients in discovering their own unique paths to vitality in ways that are sustainable, enjoyable and worthwhile.

How We Support Your Journey to Better Health

Whether you are plagued with an extensive list of bothersome symptoms or feel amazing every day, partnering with RevitaLife Health and Wellness on your journey to better health allows for a more strategic and targeted approach. Our board-certified physician, Dr. Peláez, will explore not only your family history and predispositions but also your life circumstances (i.e., stress, mood, nutrition and seasonality) to determine exactly where you should begin with a healthy lifestyle. Lab testing will also help to round out the picture of your overall health. Keep in mind that the absence of serious symptoms does not rule out serious problems. In fact, the first manifestation of cardiovascular disease is often death. This is why it is important to have a wellness partner who is keeping a close watch on your health, such as Dr. Peláez.

Tests We Utilize to Personalize Your Wellness Plan

At RevitaLife, we reject the idea of a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare. Rather than recommending boilerplate health protocols, we begin with testing to gain a thorough understanding of a patient’s unique health indicators. Depending on your needs and goals, we may test your hormones, thyroid function, blood sugar and/or biological age. We may also perform a carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) test, which measures the amount of plaque buildup in the arteries—a leading indicator of the potential of developing heart disease or having a heart attack. To determine your biological age, we utilize the TruAge diagnostic tool to determine how quickly you are aging by gauging how old your cells really are and testing their ability to function properly.

The Right Mindset for Achieving Wellness

Achieving optimal physical health requires the right mindset. We encourage our patients to enjoy the process of becoming healthier rather than focusing on the end result. Celebrating small accomplishments and accepting yourself for who you are can be tremendously beneficial on any health journey. Replenishing your daily energy and identifying activities that make you feel better and more energized are key. For example, perhaps you find it difficult to enjoy working out alone, but exercise becomes more enjoyable when done with friends. Or perhaps certain nutritional foods are not your favorite, but others are. Your path to wellness does not have to look like anyone else’s, and we are here to help you, as our patient, every step of the way.

Take Control of Your Health Today

Your health is not determined by fate. Every person has the ability to influence their own health and the rate at which they age. You can achieve optimal wellness by following the personalized plan we can put together for your nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle choices. If dieting or grueling exercises have been unsustainable for you in the past, rest assured that we can discover the most enjoyable and sustainable ways to boost your health. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling 850.805.8250.

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