What’s Your Biological Age?

At RevitaLife, we believe our patients are never too old to achieve optimal health. By harnessing the power of epigenetics and studying how gene expressions are influenced by external factors, we can measure how well your body is aging. We determine how well your cells function by examining how your DNA reacts to everyday choices like nutrition, diet and exercise. This information allows us to determine your biological age. Our patients have access to the most advanced DNA diagnostic tool, TruAge, which is a game changer not only for a person’s lifespan but also for their healthspan.

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The Importance of Biological Age and How It Influences Health

Chronological age—how many years have passed since your birth—is merely a number that has little relevance to how you feel and function. Biological age, however, is a more accurate indicator and predictor of health. It considers how old your cells really are and tests their ability to function. By testing over 850,000 spots on the DNA genome, we can tell how fast you are aging through the TruAge diagnostic tool. Since biological aging can be reversed by attending to your health, learning more about your biological age is an important component for slowing down the aging process.

How DNA Methylation Can Predict Diseases

DNA methylation is an epigenetic mechanism that regulates gene expression and tissue differentiation. In essence, it causes activation or repression of genes in a context-dependent manner. The reactivity of methylation to your lifestyle means that you can change how you are aging in a measurable way and make informed lifestyle choices. By investigating your DNA methylation and determining your biological age, you can make lifestyle changes to reduce your risks for developing diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cancer. A higher biological age correlates with a higher risk of developing age-related diseases, while a lower biological age correlates with a reduced risk of disease and a longer lifespan.

How to Reduce Your Biological Age

Patients of RevitaLife have access to numerous tools and resources to reduce their biological age. While it is true that factors like nutrition, sleep, stress, physical activity and medications influence a person’s biological age, optimizing these environmental influences is easier said than done. This is why we work one-on-one with patients to develop a personalized approach to better health. We embrace the fact that what works for one patient may be unsuccessful for another. Using your TruAge results as a guide, we can help you reduce your biological age and your risk of developing serious diseases.

The TruAge Testing Process

The TruAge test only requires a small amount of blood. Before collecting your own blood sample, you will register your collection kit online and complete a 5-minute health survey. Next, read the kit’s enclosed instructions and identify all of your supplies for easy access. Using the lancet provided to prick your finger, fill the blood collection tube and follow the instructions to prepare the sample for shipment. Once you have mailed your sample, your results with be interpreted at your follow-up appointment at RevitaLife.

Knowledge is Power

The burgeoning field of epigenetic evaluation is already empowering patients across the world. Rather than making guesses about your health and health determiners, take advantage of the tailored roadmap we can provide for you based on your TruAge test results. Biological age is the top predictor of nearly all age-related diseases, and turning back the hands of your biological clock is absolutely possible and measurable. In fact, after implementing lifestyle changes for a period of time, a follow-up TruAge test will show a change in your DNA’s methylation patterns in response to your lifestyle improvements.

Blood sugar can reveal a risk for diabetes, and blood pressure can reveal a risk for heart disease, but biological age evaluates your risk for nearly every age-related disease in one easy metric. To learn more about epigenetics and how this field of study can influence your health, schedule a consultation at RevitaLife by calling 850.436.4444.