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Our Process

Your Customized Treatment Begins With a Personalized Process

To develop a regimen that is specific to your needs, we need to get to know you, through questions, personal visits, and testing.

Step 1

The Discovery Phase

The first step toward finding which program is best for you requires that you complete Dr. Peláez's pre-assessment questionnaire.


When you're interested in scheduling an initial consultation, contact our office by requesting a consult below or giving us a call. We will then send you a in depth survey covering health, symptoms, etc. Once that is complete, you will move to step 2.

Filling out a questionare

Step 2

Initial Consultation

Consultation and Review

Your initial consultation will last approximately an hour. During this consultation, Dr. Peláez will review your case and order a variety of tests. He may use the results of these tests to detect underlying problems that have yet to be realized. He will also use these results to decide and create the best program for you.

Doctor having a consultation with patient

Step 3

Follow Up Consultation

Once your test results have been received, you can schedule your follow-up visit with Dr. Peláez. This visit will also last about an hour.

Review and Report

During this visit, Dr. Peláez will review your labs and other test results. These results will provide insight into the issues that are causing the problems you are experiencing. Once these issues are realized, they can be addressed. At this time, he will also recommend which program he believes will provide you with the best results.

Filling out a questionare

Step 4

Begin Your Program

Start Your Customized Program

Dr. Peláez is dedicated to assisting his patients in improving their health so they can live happy, more productive lives. Dr. Peláez’s desire to help others led to the creation of his Signature Program. He created his Signature Program to help resolve his patients' problems. By identifying and addressing the actual problem a patient is experiencing, optimal health and wellness is possible.

Doctor Checking Woman's Stomach

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine moves beyond the reactive approach of most medical practices in which medications are used to treat issues only after they become problems. By taking a comprehensive, proactive approach, integrative medicine addresses underlying issues before they can impact your health. Our approach is a truly tailored patient-doctor partnership that will allow you to look and, especially, feel your best.

Dr. Jorge Peláez

Our Mission

“At RevitaLife, we believe that every person can improve their health and, as a result, live a happier and more productive life.

It’s our job to provide the expertise and support you need to live a life like no other.”

- Dr. Peláez


Listen to Our Patients’ Voices

Patients play an active role in our practice. So, it’s important to listen to what they say about the impact Dr. Peláez has had on their life.

“I wasn’t feeling well in general. I was getting passed around from specialist to specialist. I was being put on more and more medication and feeling worse and worse over time. Dr. Peláez was able to get me off of the statins and really helped me to feel better about myself. He was so personable and spent an inordinate amount of time with me. I feel better about myself. I have more energy. The enthusiasm I had for my job and my work returned. The holistic approach Dr. Peláez takes of helping the body to heal itself bleeds over into a whole state of mind, body, and spirit. I would recommend Dr. Peláez to my friends and family.”

Doug H

“I had a lot of gastrointestinal issues and I was tired a lot.. no energy.

Dr. Peláez is a very genuine, concerned doctor. He wanted to get to the root cause of the issues instead of a quick fix. It was helped my life tremendously. Between the supplements, bio-identical hormone therapy, and getting my thyroid in balance, I have no more problems. I saw him for 6 months.”

Karen J.

“I was overweight, lethargic and falling into that middle-aged trap that I think a lot of Americans have fallen into today. After seeing what Dr. Peláez had done for my wife… I began to see him as well.

I’ve lost about 35 lbs in a year. It’s made all the difference in the world. I had joint pain and without the weight that’s not an issue. I got my energy back. It’s made a difference in my mental attitude as well as my physical well-being.”

Jeff P.

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