Take Heart Disease Prevention Into Your Own Hands

With heart disease being the leading cause of death for men, women and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States, it is easy to understand why we are passionate about preventing it at RevitaLife Health & Wellness. Our heart disease prevention strategies involve numerous factors, but among the most important is physical activity. Understanding the scientific role that physical activity plays in heart disease prevention may inspire you to learn how to incorporate safe exercise into your daily routine in sustainable ways that you actually enjoy. 

Why We View Exercise as a Heart Disease Treatment 

Patients of RevitaLife have a sense of personal responsibility in their health and realize that there is no “magic pill” for optimal health. Rather than taking a litany of prescription medications that all come with their own risks for potentially dangerous side effects, a simple exercise routine is often capable of yielding astounding results. Since the heart is a muscle, it will weaken if not strengthened regularly with exercise. Without being strengthened through exercise, the heart must strain to keep blood circulating. This constant stress imposed by a sedentary lifestyle can cause heart disease. Since exercise supports the heart’s ability to keep blood circulating without straining, we view exercise as an essential element of treating and preventing heart disease. 

Exercise Can Be Safe and Accessible for Anyone 

We know what you may be thinking—it has been so long since you have exercised that you are unsure where to begin or how to incorporate it safely into your daily life. We know how frightening the idea of physical activity can be for people who have chronic pain, mobility issues or are significantly overweight. However, rest assured that as our patient, your exercise plan will be expertly developed based on your unique strengths and weaknesses. Rather than being more than you can handle, your fitness program from RevitaLife will be one you can enjoy and sustain. 

How Exercise Works to Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease stems from decreased blood flow to the heart which can be caused by a myriad of reasons. When blood flow to the heart is decreased, the heart becomes burdened to circulate the blood. An overworked heart is more prone to heart attack or heart failure. When a person exercises, it improves the muscles’ ability to pull oxygen out of the blood, reducing the need for the heart to pump more blood to the muscles. Additionally, exercise can:

  • Reduce stress hormones that can burden the heart
  • Increase good cholesterol
  • Control blood pressure
  • Control blood sugar
  • Reduce risks of coronary artery disease 
  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Help to maintain a healthy weight
  • Increase the heart’s ability to pump blood

Your Personalized Introduction to Proper Exercise

Recognizing that every patient has different capabilities, exercise regimens from RevitaLife are completely personalized based on a patient’s unique health indicators. Before you even begin exercising, our physician, Dr. Jorge Peláez, will ensure your body can safely tolerate the exercises he recommends. Next, he will tailor his recommendations for your exercise program in ways that are easily accessible and most importantly, sustainable. Dr. Peláez will be with you every step of the way on your fitness journey and may adjust your program over time depending on your performance.  

Take Your Heart Health into Your Own Hands

Rather than continuing your search for a magic pill or blindly guessing at which steps are right for you to take in optimizing your heart health, choose a more informed approach to protecting your heart. As a patient of RevitaLife Health & Wellness, you will have access to cutting-edge tests that will reveal the exact status of your health and personalized recommendations from Dr. Peláez.

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