What Is My Biological Age?

Understanding your biological age is important for determining your risk of developing chronic diseases. Even though chronological age is commonly used for this, every person is unique, so why not account for your individual health and aging biomarkers when determining whether your body functions healthily? TruAge, our advanced DNA diagnostic tool, allows us to measure how well your body is aging and how your DNA reacts to your daily routine, and particular areas such as nutrition, diet and exercise. Armed with this information, our patients are able to make choices that best support longevity and their quality of life.

How TruAge Determines Your Biological Age

TruAge is an innovative diagnostic tool that works by investigating your DNA methylation, which is a promising biomarker for biological aging and one’s likelihood of developing various morbidities. DNA methylation is a collection of innate aging processes that play an important role in tissue maintenance. By examining more than 850,000 spots on the DNA genome, TruAge determines how fast you are aging. It is crucial to understand DNA methylation changes through the use of TruAge because epigenetic age can be reversed.

The TruDiagnostic™ Difference

DNA testing has become increasingly popular over the years. For many reasons, we believe methylation DNA analysis is superior to other DNA testing modalities, and there has even been a comparative review of different molecular age estimators that concluded DNA methylation is the most promising biomarker for age. TruDiagnostic™, the epigenetic testing company behind TruAge, recognizes the need for objective information on aging and aging related diseases for integrative and preventative medical spaces. Their goal is to help providers treat aging as a reversable disease. By linking your DNA methylation values to other covariates such as blood tests, physical measurements and other biomarkers, TruDiagnostic™ is able to develop algorithms for predictive risk.

How To Use Your TruAge Results

RevitaLife’s role in the TruAge testing process is to interpret your results and assemble a plan that will enable you to live your life in ways that will reduce your biological age. We teach our patients how to make lifestyle changes that lead to a reduction in their risk of developing diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cancer. A higher biological age correlates with a higher possibility of developing age-related diseases, while a lower biological age correlates with a reduced chance of illness and a longer lifespan. We work one-on-one with patients to develop personalized approaches to better health and ways they can optimize their environmental influences like nutrition, sleep, stress, physical activity and medications.

Your Health Is Too Valuable To Gamble On

When it comes to your health, knowledge is power. Understanding your biological age can be incredibly helpful for guiding your path toward wellness and reducing your risk of developing age-related chronic diseases. Rather than making guesses about your health and health determiners, use your TruAge test results to reveal the best way to turn back the hands of your biological clock. Given that 80 percent of adults over the age of 65 have at least one chronic disease, it is essential to monitor your biological age and take steps toward reducing it.

Adopt A Proactive Approach To Medicine

At RevitaLife, we believe in a proactive approach to medicine. We also believe that every person can improve their health. We offer a truly tailored patient-doctor partnership that allows our patients to feel their best. Those who undergo TruAge testing are in the best position to intervene in the aging process and remove influences that lead to accelerated aging. Premature aging is a matter of choice, and you are at the wheel.

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