Chronological Age vs. Biological Age

Chronological age is calculated based upon the number of years that have passed since the date of your birth. However, the number of years you have lived has little to do with your biological age. Depending on how well your cells function, biological age is determined by examining how your DNA reacts to the everyday…

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How to Slow Down Biological Aging

While it is impossible to slow the passage of time, it is absolutely possible to reduce the pace at which we age. Considering that aging already starts during childhood, people of any age should prioritize health efforts that bolster longevity. Supporting longevity not only prevents medical issues from arising but also makes us feel better.…

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What Is My Biological Age?

Understanding your biological age is important for determining your risk of developing chronic diseases. Even though chronological age is commonly used for this, every person is unique, so why not account for your individual health and aging biomarkers when determining whether your body functions healthily? TruAge, our advanced DNA diagnostic tool, allows us to measure…

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