These 5 Foods Help Boost Your Energy

5 foods that help you raise low energy levels

These 5 Foods Help Boost Low Energy Levels

What Causes Low Energy Levels | Who Suffers From Low Energy  The Most | Foods That Boost Energy | Conclusion

It hits you full-on out of the blue.  All of a sudden energy levels leave you feeling drained. It’s hard to think and feels impossible to get anything done. This is a common occurrence for many people on a daily basis. They may have had a long day or simply did not get proper sleep the night before.

But when this becomes a frequent occurrence, there may be something deeper than just lack of rest. If this happens even after you’ve taken steps to improve your energy levels, your next step is to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

What Causes Low Energy Levels

One of the biggest causes of low energy levels is the type of food you have in your daily diet. Food plays an extremely important role in the health of your system. What you consume can alter your energy levels by not delivering the proper nutrients. Fast food, alcohol, fried food, and many breakfast cereals lack the nutrients needed to increases and sustain healthy energy levels.

Yes, even breakfast cereals. Many have no clue about the high levels of added sugars and low levels of fiber. Most people’s day starts with what they consider a healthy and energizing quick meal. Unfortunately, they are consuming added sugars that lead to artificial high energy levels and fast energy crashes.

Who Suffers From Low Energy the Most

Though low energy can affect anyone, men and women between the ages of 40 and 60 years of age seem to suffer from it the most. There are more cases in women than men on record, and Caucasians seem to suffer from low energy more often than none.

On the other hand, there are many people who still suffer from levels of low energy and simply do not realize it. They may think it’s a normal part of their lives according to the daily or frequent activities performed. If you’ve suffered from low energy levels for six months or more, you may be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and it’s time to see your doctor.

5 Foods That Boost Energy

As mentioned before, food is the most common way we get the nutrients we need. This includes nutrients that keep our energy levels healthy. Here are 5 foods that help boost your energy levels and keep them healthy.


Apples are a very common fruit. One of the most popular in the world. Many treats and desserts are created from these sweet and crunchy delights. But it is also one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

Apples are rich in natural sugars. These are sugars that are good for the body. Along with fiber they also contain, apples give you system a steady and paced energy release.

Furthermore, apples also contain levels of Antioxidants. Studies have proven they help slow the digestion of carbohydrates. This allows them to release energy into your system over a longer period of time.

Sweet Potatoes

The first thing that may come to mind is, YUM! You’d be right! They taste great in several different ways. Many consume sweet potatoes around the end of the year. But they can truly be eaten at any time.

If you do eat sweet potatoes often, you should notice an increase in your energy levels. That’s because, like the apple, it contains fiber, but in higher levels. They also contain manganese, which helps to break the nutrients in your body to produce more energy.

Yerba Maté

The name may not ring a bell for many. But for those who do know about it should understand its awesome energy benefits. It’s a drink of dried leaves pounded into a powder that’s native to South America.

The high levels of caffeine found in Yerba Maté help a hormone in your body called epinephrine produce faster and increases your energy. As a bonus, it’s also been known to help with better thinking and happier moods.


Bananas have been around forever. They are an easy-to-eat fruit that’s a fast, quick, and healthy snack. If you’ve noticed a spike in your energy when you eat one, you’d be right!

The potassium, carbohydrates, and B6 found in bananas are a great combination for boosting your low energy levels. Eating at least one banana a day will help you increase your energy to healthy levels and maintain it.


This is the most important liquid in life. Without it, serious health issues may lurk around the corner. In fact, our body’s weight is 60% water!

Water is a vital liquid to the body’s cellular functions. This includes energy levels. If enough water isn’t consumed, dehydration can occur and leave you feeling slow, sluggish, tired, and struggling to focus.

Drinking water daily helps to avoid dehydration. It helps fight off the feeling of fatigue due to proper hydration levels. It’s the most natural liquid you can consume and helps your body maintain health on many levels.


If you feel your low energy levels are more serious than just changing your diet, it may be time to see a doctor. You may be suffering from what’s called, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. RevitaLife and Dr. Jorge Peláez specialize in helping their patients regain proper and healthy energy levels.

They concentrate on what’s causing your CFS. Since each patient is different, Dr. Peláez creates a custom treatment for them according to their specific health needs and concerns. There is no one treatment for everyone.

If you or someone close to suffers from low energy levels of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, we encourage our Pensacola, Florida residents visit our clinic. Start by requesting your consult today.

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