*The symptoms I was having when I went to see Dr. Peláez were an exacerbation of symptoms that I had suffered from for most of my adult life. I was not able to keep up with my very active life.

The first thing Dr. Peláez did was tell me I was gluten intolerant and that I had a low thyroid. Now I have much more energy and I sleep better.

Dr. Peláez was very personable. He gave me a lot of time and attention. I would (and have) recommended Dr. Peláez to my friends and family.

Debbie R

“I wasn’t feeling well in general. I was getting passed around from specialist to specialist. I was being put on more and more medication and feeling worse and worse over time. Dr. Peláez was able to get me off of the statins and really helped me to feel better about myself. He was so personable and spent an inordinate amount of time with me.

I feel better about myself. I have more energy. The enthusiasm I had for my job and my work returned. The holistic approach Dr. Peláez takes of helping the body to heal itself bleeds over into a whole state of mind, body, and spirit.

I would recommend Dr. Peláez to my friends and family.”

Doug H

*I was dealing with weight gain, hormonal imbalance, and lack of energy. Dr. Peláez actually diagnosed me, which was huge because no other doctors diagnosed me.


Leah L.

*Dr. Peláez and his beautiful wife Paula are helping me deal with RA and become healthier doing it. The atmosphere, the concern and genuine effort to help their patients is the first step in leading a healthier lifestyle. Thank you!

Cathy E.

*Dr. Peláez is one of the best of the best. He has truly made a new person out of my mother who has suffered from RA for over 14 years. He has taught her what to eat and how to exercise for her specific body. She is now off all medications for the first time since her diagnosis. She is truly a walking miracle.

I have suffered from migraines most of my life, but Dr. Peláez introduced me to a supplement that has been life changing. I am off all medications for migraines. He has taught me how to eat and what ingredients to look for when I’m at the grocery store.

I am so thankful for his determination to help his patients. I do not think me or my mother would be in this good of health without him.

If you are at all on the fence about this Institute hopefully my story will push you over. Your health is important! Why wouldn’t you want to leave the hardcore medicines behind and start living a healthy and chemical free lifestyle?

Lindsay M.

*Dr. Peláez has truly been a lifesaver for me. After a miscarriage, in March 2016, things went haywire with my health. It was a trigger for a lot of underlying issues. After being to a handful of doctors over the next several months and experiencing a lot of frustrations and 5 min doctor visits, we (my husband and I) decided to search for an integrative medicine doctor as we knew this might be our best hope of finding the root causes of the issues I was having. We found Dr. Peláez and at our first appointment, we were absolutely blown away. Before the appointment he has you fill out a 400 question survey. What doctor do you know that has ever asked that of you, much less take time to read through something like that? At that initial appointment, he took time to really get to know me, my struggles, my goals, and review my questionnaire. He pretty much pinpointed almost everything that day and ordered labs to investigate and confirm. We found that I had PCOS, MTHFR C677t, autoimmune disease- Hashimoto’s, virtually no progesterone and several food allergies that were causing major inflammation. I joined his 3-month program. He walked with me through every step and I learned so much. Started with a detox and eating changes, then we slowly introduced supplements that I needed. Guess what? All labs are in good range now. How’s that for amazing?! I feel incredible!
You may laugh, but I feel like he saved my life. I tell anyone and everyone I meet about him! THANK YOU, Dr. Peláez!

Kathryn I.

*After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and hypothyroidism in my mid-thirties, I lost my well being gradually. I gained a few pounds each year for the last 20 years… I was tired ALL of the time. The big thing that really had me down was the joint pain. I honestly hurt somewhere every day. I didn’t remember what it was like to not feel pain somewhere and to be lethargic.

With Dr. Peláez’s guidance not only have I lost almost 20 pounds, but I have had no pain anywhere… My entire family has noticed the change.


Sandy P.

“I had a lot of gastrointestinal issues and I was tired a lot.. no energy.

Dr. Peláez is a very genuine, concerned doctor. He wanted to get to the root cause of the issues instead of a quick fix. It was helped my life tremendously. Between the supplements, bio-identical hormone therapy, and getting my thyroid in balance, I have no more problems. I saw him for 6 months.”

Karen J.

“I was overweight, lethargic and falling into that middle-aged trap that I think a lot of Americans have fallen into today. After seeing what Dr. Peláez had done for my wife… I began to see him as well.

I’ve lost about 35 lbs in a year. It’s made all the difference in the world. I had joint pain and without the weight that’s not an issue. I got my energy back. It’s made a difference in my mental attitude as well as my physical well-being.”

Jeff P.