What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine supports a higher quality of life through individualized, proactive and holistic treatments. Rather than masking symptoms of ailments or diseases, our goal is to identify the causes of problems and address them without expensive and oftentimes risky pharmaceuticals. While traditional Western medicine and its doctors are best suited for delivering acute or urgent care, such as performing emergency surgeries or treating a broken bone, integrative medicine is poised to help prevent chronic diseases, promote self-healing and wellness and enhance quality of life.

How Does Integrative Medicine Work?

The goal of integrative medicine is to identify the cause of any symptoms, issues or imbalances within the body and work to eradicate those causes. This process begins with extensive investigative work. To develop a regimen that is specific to your needs, our process begins by getting to know you through questions, personal visits and testing. After reviewing your information, labs and test results, a personalized regimen will be recommended. Rather than returning every month for check-ups, our patients are seen every six months to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments.

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The Importance of Integrative Medicine

When it comes to treating chronic illnesses and slowly evolving diseases, Western medicine’s approach is to prescribe medications that mask symptoms. Sometimes, these medications come with unpleasant side effects and can cause dangerous imbalances in the body. Integrative medicine plays an important role in the prevention, management and potential reversal of chronic illnesses, diseases and syndromes—without the use of high-powered pharmaceuticals. Integrative medicine is a complement to traditional medicine rather than an alternative. It embraces the most current science in diagnosing early abnormalities that eventually lead to chronic illness.

Integrative medicine plays an important role in the prevention, management and potential reversal of chronic illnesses, diseases and syndromes—without the use of high-powered pharmaceuticals.

Preventing and Reversing Chronic Disease with Integrative Medicine

We are believers in the adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Integrative medicine works to keep people from becoming high-risk disease candidates in the first place. We work with adults of all ages to help them optimize their diets, reduce their exposures to toxins, exercise adequately, sleep well, reduce stress and live a more balanced life in an effort to prevent the development of chronic diseases. For people who are already experiencing symptoms of chronic disease, we can help reverse some or most of the acquired stress damage by enabling their bodies to heal themselves. This is very different from suppressing disease signs or symptoms with drugs in an effort to make lab measurements look better.

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Ideal Candidates for Integrative Medicine

A spirit of personal responsibility for one’s own health is an important trait for integrative medicine patients. Realizing that there is no effective one-size-fits-all approach to any disease, syndrome or imbalance is the first step, followed by a passion for taking charge of your own health and wellness. Whether you are currently struggling with chronic illnesses or are taking proactive steps toward prevention, integrative medicine can change your life. Our goal is to provide tailored re-balancing programs for motivated individuals before they find themselves needing surgery or medical appliances. Through lifestyles changes, herbal supplements, education, and other therapies, you can feel your best in any stage of life.

Feel Better, Stay Better

Rather than reacting to symptoms and masking them, integrative medicine helps people by investigating the entire body to identify the causes of problems. Unlike hospital systems that make money by selling pharmaceuticals and keeping beds full, integrative medicine promotes a proactive approach to overall health without taking money from insurance companies. Being a fee for service practice allows us to practice outside the confines of traditional medicine and provide better health solutions to our patients.

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