Frequently Asked Questions by Patients

Do we accept insurance?

We do not have a relationship with health insurance companies and do not accept insurance. Many plans will partially cover services such as labs and some medications.

Do health savings accounts cover treatment?

Interestingly, many of our patients have chosen to utilize their own savings or even a health savings account (HSA) to help fund their treatments and program participation here at FLHWI.

An HSA is a tax-deductible savings account into which you can deposit money to cover services not paid for by your primary insurance. While the range of services and products available for purchase within HSA funds vary significantly, just about anything considered medical or medical-related is permitted. Indeed, most HSAs have provisions for alternative medicine.

Is lab testing covered by insurance?

The answer depends on your insurance provider. We recommend you contact your provider.

What is our succes rate for helping our patients?

The success of our patients depends largely on their commitment. We guide, educate and support our patients towards a new lifestyle where there will be nutrition changes, hormone supplementation, vitamin and mineral supplementation, stress reduction and more.

Do we ever have a patient we can't help?

Yes, it requires a commitment on part of the patient to change his/her lifestyle. We will not offer a magic pill that will fix your problems. Nevertheless, we use state-of-the-art tools and customized care to give you the best chances to empower your wellness and health.

What should I bring to the initial consult?

We ask that you send medical records so Dr. Peláez can prepare to answer all your questions and address your concerns. We strongly recommend you bring your spouse/ significant other or family member since you will be getting a lot of information.

What should I expect at the first consult?

You will have the opportunity to discuss your health concerns and goals with Dr. Peláez. At this point, Dr. Peláez will review your case, existing tests, medications and or supplements and together you will determine your goals and how to achieve them.

Do I still need a primary care physician

Yes, we do not replace services provided by your primary care doctor. We are happy to work with your other healthcare providers to do the best we can do for you.

Do you accept patients that live out of state?

Yes, we do require one face-to-face consultation and medical evaluation that includes a physical exam.

Pricing and fees

The fee varies depending on the service requested and the program chosen. Typically lab tests range from $150 to $500 and some of these may be covered by health insurance. The initial consultation is $350 and gives you approximately 60-minutes with the doctor.