Disease Prevention Strategies

While preventing chronic disease may seem as simple as eating healthily, exercising regularly and living a low-stress lifestyle, a one-size-fits-all approach like this rarely works. At RevitaLife, we believe it is important to create a tailored plan for each patient to optimize health. What works best for one patient may be unnecessary for another, and we always account for individual lifestyle factors when working one-on-one with patients to improve their health. When it comes to preventing disease, a personalized strategy is always best.


Tools for Preventing Chronic Diseases

As a practice with many diagnostic tools and a variety of therapeutics at our fingertips, our most valuable skill in preventing chronic disease is listening. That’s right—by communicating with our patients about their lifestyles, daily routines, job expectations, home lives, eating habits, sleeping habits and other environmental factors, we are able to develop detailed, easy-to-follow plans for better health. These plans vary from person to person and sometimes involve the use of supplements, hormones or helpful medications to optimize health. One of our top priorities is to educate our patients on the importance of changing certain lifestyle factors to prevent the need for more serious measures, like surgery or drugs, later on.

Prevent Chronic Diseases Now Instead of Reacting Later

When it comes to preventing chronic diseases, we encourage people to start early. Chronic diseases are entirely preventable but difficult to treat once they reach a certain stage. In fact, seventy-five percent of health care dollars are spent treating chronic diseases. When you consider the fact that seventy percent of annual deaths are due to chronic diseases, it becomes easy to understand why prevention is crucial. The good news is that every person holds the power to help prevent chronic disease. At RevitaLife, we can teach you how to implement changes that will lead to a lengthier, healthier life.

Feeling Better Is Possible – We Can Help

The Basics of Disease Prevention

It is no secret that achieving optimal health involves eating healthy foods, getting enough exercise, drinking enough water and refraining from tobacco and excessive alcohol use. For most people, it is much easier to admit these truths than to actually implement them in their lives. To take the guesswork out of exactly how you should change your lifestyle to prevent chronic disease, RevitaLife often recommends certain diagnostic tests that will help to inform a more precise strategy. By understanding exactly what is going on inside your body, our personalized pathways toward better health can help you achieve goals more efficiently.

Important Considerations of Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases, as a rule, are slow to develop. It is entirely possible to develop a chronic disease with no noticeable symptoms. This is why it is important to work with an integrative medicine physician like Dr. Peláez who will work together with you to keep you from becoming a high-risk disease candidate in the first place. Stress pelts us from every direction in life: a poor diet, a toxic environment, drugs, accidents, emotional stressors, mental overload, insufficient exercise and inadequate sleep. Long-term exposure to these stressors raises the risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular damage, hypertension, hypothyroidism, cancer, mental illness and autoimmune disorders. Reversing the majority of acquired stress damage by enabling your body to heal itself is possible, and we can help you do this—but, ideally, we want to help our patients identify their unique risks and work to reduce them as soon as possible.

Are You Ready to Adopt a Prevention or Wellness Lifestyle?

Although a prevention or wellness lifestyle is highly rewarding, it is not for the timid. We work with adults of all ages to help them optimize their diets, reduce their exposure to toxins, exercise adequately, sleep well, reduce stress and live a more balanced life in an effort to prevent the development of chronic disease. If you are ready to take charge of your health and wellness, we would love to work together with you.

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