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A natural approach

A Natural Approach to PCOS

PCOS affects millions of women in the US alone. It can make it harder for you to lose weight. It can affect your fertility. It can even have an effect on your heart health and your chances of developing conditions that include diabetes. While there are medications that can help manage some PCOS symptoms, the best and most effective approach includes natural lifestyle changes. These seven areas can help you manage your PCOS and find relief:


Experts have evidence that PCOS is an inflammatory disease. By removing inflammatory foods from your diet, you can cut your risk and find relief of symptoms.

Many people who have PCOS find themselves craving foods that are high in sugar and starch. These, however, can exacerbate issues with insulin resistance.

We help you develop a diet that fits your tastes while providing health benefits.

Stress management

Our stress levels have a strong effect on our bodies. Excess stress levels can make PCOS worse. Effective stress management comes from learning not just how to manage current stresses but learning when and how to say no to more.

We teach stress management techniques that are good not just for managing PCOS, but for improving your general balance and equilibrium.

Weight management

It can be frustrating: PCOS can contribute to insulin resistance, which can make it harder to lose weight. However, being overweight or obese increases insulin resistance and contributes to PCOS symptoms.

Crash diets do not work. They can, in fact, put more stress on your body and can compromise your health. Instead of fad diets, we focus on long term lifestyle change that can help you lose the weight and keep it off for good.

The right kind of physical activity

Research shows that regular exercise can help cut PCOS symptoms and help improve your general health. We help you develop a routine that involves the right amounts of cardio, strength and flexibility training to help you feel your best. No one exercise routine is a good fit for everyone. Some people like the environment of the gym while others do better in yoga or dance-oriented classes. We’ll help you develop a regimen that is easy to stick with and gives you the health benefits that you need.


Is “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” your motto? We have news for you: adequate sleep is a key factor in proper management of PCOS.

If sleep disorders or a too-busy schedule are keeping you from getting the sleep you need, we can work with you to help you develop better sleep habits. When you are getting enough sleep every night, you will find that you will get both relief from PCOS and a healthier, more energetic feeling in general.

Avoiding endocrine disrupters

New research is indicating that many of the cosmetics, personal care items and cleaners that we use in our homes can contain chemicals that imitate our natural hormones. The results can be disruptions to the endocrine system. PCOS is the most common endocrine problem that women face. We can identify the endocrine disrupting chemicals in your home and help you find natural, healthier alternatives.


In most cases, it’s best to get the nutrients that you need from food sources. However, many people find that they are not always able to get what they need from food alone. We can identify any nutritional deficiencies you may be experiencing and help you find the supplements that are most likely to help you get back into balance.

Hormone therapy

When needed, we will use bio-identical hormones to balance abnormalities and to optimize your treatment. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a method that uses specially designed hormone supplements to replace specific hormones that become either depleted or imbalanced for a variety of reasons. This is most often used to alleviate the struggle of hormone depletion or imbalance. The most commonly simulated hormones are estrogen, testosterone, adrenal hormones, and progesterone. Simulations for these hormones can be delivered through injections, topical ointments, gels, tablets, and capsules with the aim of helping to return hormone levels back to active state. BHRT should be used in conjunction with a holistic regimen of hormonal healing, such as healthy diet, exercise, restful sleep, and stress-reducing activities. Each of these elements plays a significant role in our hormonal health.


The best way to treat PCOS is not through popping a pill. Medication can often only address specific symptoms instead of the underlying causes. By addressing the entire patient, the natural approach can help you better manage PCOS. Lifestyle changes will not just reduce your visible symptoms; they’ll make you feel more energetic and better in general.

Do you have symptoms that could be PCOS? We can help. Get in touch today for a consultation.

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