Hormone Replacement Program

What is hormone replacement?

Hormones are essential for optimal health and wellness. Many symptoms that impair quality of life and have an association with multiple deleterious medical conditions have been linked to hormonal imbalances. We use bioidentical hormones (which have the identical chemical structure as the one your body produces) to bring them to youthful levels and to improve or eliminate your symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance.

Who is the ideal hormone replacement patient?

Women undergoing perimenopause, menopause, men undergoing the equivalent (“andropause”), or people with medical conditions associated with hormonal deficits.

What to expect from the hormone replacement program

After a thorough evaluation of your questionnaire, you will also have state-of-the-art tests to determine your hormonal status as well as a detailed physical exam. You will then be prescribed hormones that will be customized to you, with appropriate follow-up and benefits only given to people in the VIP program.

The success of our patients depends largely on their commitment. We guide, educate and support our patients towards a new lifestyle where there will be nutrition changes, hormone supplementation, vitamin and mineral supplementation, stress reduction and more.

Getting started

  • Pre-assessment questionnaire
  • Schedule initial consultation
  • Initial Consult includes: Patient case review 60 min appt; assign labs, etc.
  • Begin Hormone Replacement Program

Hormone replacement program: monthly subscription

  • THREE 30 minute visits per year
  • Email and/or phone contact for the duration of the program, within reason
  • Supplements recommended by this practice.
  • 10% discount on recommended supplements
  • Medication management and refills for medicines prescribed by this practice
  • Access to Patient Resource Library and more

*Lab costs are not included in your program: Some labs may be covered by insurance depending on your carrier and coverage.

*Some lab tests that may be recommended during your treatment based on each individual’s needs:  Serum, saliva, and/or urinary tests to help tailor a customized program.

If you are interested in this program, or if you have any questions, call us at (850) 805-8250. To schedule your initial consultation today, click the button below.